Horoscope Capricorn August 2021

Predictions Capricorn August 2021

Heightened retrograde activity, including the retrograde of Saturn, your Ruler, on the 16th, shows that this is a month for biding your time and not forcing issues. Opportunities will come to those who wait. Those who wait upon the Lord shall not be put to shame. And since no one is more comfortable playing a waiting game than you, this is going to be a successful month – a month where conditions play to your strengths. The patient ones, the ones who are ready not to act, win.
Your health and vitality are excellent all month, but nevertheless take a reduced schedule from the 6th to the 9th
and from the 20th to the 23rd – the period of the eclipses. Both eclipses, though generally benign to you, do signal long-term financial changes. The Lunar Eclipse of the 8th occurs in your Money House, forcing you to make a decision one way or another on a financial deal or project. But in spite of the pressure and the upheavals, don’t be rushed into action. Investors can find that their portfolios take a short-term hit due to wild market conditions. But not to worry, solid investments will recover. Flaws in a current deal or financial arrangement come to light so that they can be corrected. A re-engineering of your portfolio may be called for. The eclipsed planet is the Moon, your Love Planet, so could also produce a short-term crisis in your marriage or love relationship. When the dust settles things will be better than before.
The Solar Eclipse of the 22nd also affects finance, but shared resources rather than personal ones. It could signal that you are changing brokers, accountants or mutual funds. A loan or line of credit you were hoping for falls through, but this leads to something even better later on.
Your partner makes important changes in his or her financial life, and perhaps takes a short-term hit. Your partner needs to re-engineer his or her portfolio, or correct a current financial arrangement. Deep psychological complexes rise to the surface so that you can better understand them. Be alert to your dream life during this period. Someone who has been ailing for a long time decides to pass from the scene, while someone else makes a miraculous recovery. Underworld activities – things which polite society likes to ignore – are brought to your attention to give you a better grasp of reality.
The short-term financial crises brought on by the eclipses will lead to innovative solutions.
Career activities move forward all month. Having friends in the right places doesn’t hurt. Changes in management at your company work in your favour.

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