Horoscope Capricorn April 2021

Predictions Capricorn April 2021

Continue to focus on your home and family life this month. Very happy things are happening in your career, but they will happen on their own. You need to tend to your own work – to the duties of the present – and let your career develop naturally.
This is still an excellent month for getting on with renovations or heavy construction work in the home. It is not such a great time for the aesthetics of redecorating or buying furnishings, but good for the heavy work – ripping out walls and pipes, etc. On a psychological level, this is also a great month for ripping out of your subconscious negative traits or habit patterns. Your physical home is only a mirror – an outward reflection of your subconscious state.
Eighty to 90 per cent of the planets are moving forward. The two that are retrograde are not key planets for you, and thus should have little impact on your plans. This is a month of forward progress and achievement in your life.
Your health and vitality are not what they should be, but this lasts only until the 20th. Your health picks up dramatically after that. Further, after the 20th you get to taste the joys of life. Be your dutiful, responsible self until the 20th, then take a break. Parties, love affairs, resorts and entertainments of all kinds are available. The smorgasbord of rapture is offered up, and you may choose what you like from it. Foreign travel opportunities open up as well.
Jupiter and Venus’ conjunction in your 3rd House is indicating great success from sales and marketing activities, new communication equipment and perhaps a new car. Perhaps a second car. There is great luck and happiness with neighbours; your neighbourhood is undergoing beautification. Perhaps this enhances the value of your home. Those of you who are writers are more inspired and are selling your work. Your intellectual output is profitable.
Secret forces, behind the scenes (and perhaps as a result of your charitable or voluntary works) are boosting your career. A promotion or honour comes to you. Your public prestige is enhanced.

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