Horoscope Cancer September 2021

Predictions Cancer September 2021

Career issues are still important, but the short-term planets are now firmly in the lower sector of your chart. Get your house and family situation in order.
Another Lunar Eclipse on the 6th indicates the redefinition of your personality and image continues. As mentioned last month, Lunar Eclipses affect you more than most, as the Moon is your Ruling Planet. Take a reduced schedule from the 4th to the 7th. This eclipse is kind to you; its upheavals create opportunities and generally work in your favour. Many of you will change the church, college or other orga-nizations to which you are affiliated during this period.
Your overall health and vitality are strong until the 23rd, after which time you should rest and relax more.
Money-making seems your highest goal for the month. Career success is measured in financial terms rather than in position or prestige. Financial goals are pursued aggressively and ardently. A part of you is looking to make a financial killing, not just a livelihood. The risk-taker and speculator in you is very strong. Serious investors are into profit-taking now – perhaps too soon. Trading is more active than usual. You spend on status symbols this month. Possessions are there not just to be used and enjoyed but to let the world know of your status or your aspirations. Non-investors are earning money through communication skills, through the correct use of the media, advertising, marketing and sales. Phone bills can be a lot higher than normal if you’re not careful. Financial opportunities come from siblings and neighbours, and the achievement of financial goals requires a lot of short-term travel. Job-seekers are experiencing delays; a temporary job driving a car, cab or truck – or perhaps as a typist or word processing operator – might be a good idea. After the 23rd financial opportunities come through your family or family connections. Buying or selling property can be lucrative. Estate agents (and many of you are in this field) will have a very good financial period.
With your Love Planet retrograde for the next few months, love is more complicated. A wait-and-see attitude is called for in a current relationship. You singles are biding your time socially, waiting for the right someone to come into your life. It is a time to prepare for romance rather than to be actively engaged in one. In the mean time, amuse yourself with neighbours or people close to home. Romantic dalliances can come as you pursue your financial goals.

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