Horoscope Cancer September 2019

The planetary power is now at its maximum lowest point in the Horoscope this month – Cancerian paradise! Career goals have more or less been achieved and now you can focus on your true love, the home and family. This situation will not exist for ever; the planets will shift again in a few months, so enjoy the period while it lasts. A career break now will be the pause that refreshes, allowing you to gather your forces for the next career push in a few months’ time. This is the midnight hour of your year. The body is still – outer activi­ties are more or less in abeyance – but inwardly mighty processes are happening. And it is precisely these processes that enable the body to function when it is time to wake up. The planetary power makes another important shift on the 22nd. The Western, social sector of the chart once again predominates. Your period of personal independence is about over with and now it is more difficult to have things your own way. Indeed, your way is probably not the best way these days. Getting things done by consensus and social skills is the pathway now. It is more difficult now (possible, but difficult) to create conditions as you want them to be, so it’s best to adapt to existing conditions. Hopefully you’ve used the past five months to create things as you desire. Now you get to road test your creation.
The home and family are now the centre of life. There is more socializing at home and with family members and more entertaining from home. Even the love life is more or less centred round the home. Venus, your family planet, starts to travel with your love planet after the 11th. Love opportunities occur close to home and through family members and family connections.
Finances are good this month. Until the 3rd buying, sell­ing, trading or retailing seem important. Sales and marketing – getting the word out about your product or service – seems important. After the 22nd, as your financial planet moves into the 4th house of home and family, it is family connec­tions that bring financial opportunity. Most likely you are working more from home as well. Job seekers have had wonderful aspects since June 27. Job opportunities are seek­ing you out rather than the reverse, and there is nothing much you need to do to find work – it will find you. Health is more delicate after the 22nd so be sure to rest and relax more.