Horoscope Cancer October 2021

Predictions Cancer October 2021

Eighty per cent of the planets are in forward motion (after the 18th), indicating that your life and plans are moving forward. Progress and achievement are happening in the world and in your life.
All the short-term planets are in the lower half of your chart, showing that this is a month for psychological and domestic progress rather than for career progress. Pursue career goals in an inner way, by setting the foundations for it and preparing psychologically for success. Family and socializing with the family are very important now. This would be a good time to patch up old feuds and otherwise mend fences. Find your point of emotional harmony and stay there.
Most of the planets have shifted to the Western, social sector of your chart. Flexibility and adaptability become ever more important. You are now reaping the karma of the conditions you created in the past few months when things were under your control. If you created well, you’re pretty happy now. If there were mistakes made you’re seeing them very clearly. Later on, in six months or so, you will have the opportunity to correct them and rebuild.
Rest and relax more until the 23rd. People are more social and talkative now. They respond to reason and ideas rather than to emotional pleas. Your health and vitality improve considerably after the 23rd. Optimism and a party atmosphere start manifesting.
Finances are becoming less important now, but money comes through the family, family connections or through property. With your Money Planet in the 4th House (Home and Family, Domestic Life) until the 23rd, mood becomes a factor in financial decision-making and in earnings. Avoid making financial decisions or investments when in a down mood. Sleep on things and then decide. When your mood is positive your financial intuition is uncanny.
Love and committed relationships still need more work and more time to develop. This is the time to correct flaws in a current relationship. Those who are single and fancy free have ample romantic opportunities after the 23rd. But these relationship are just fun and games, not anything long-term or serious. Enjoy them for what they are – entertainment – and don’t place unrealistic expectations on them.

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