Horoscope Cancer October 2019

Every Lunar Eclipse affects you strongly. The Moon rules your chart and is a very important planet for you. But the Lunar Eclipse of the 18th is stronger than most, and certainly stronger than the ones in April and May. It makes stressful aspects to you so be sure to reduce your commit­ments that period. Spend more quiet time at home. Parents, parent figures and children also need to take things easy. This eclipse occurs in your 10th house of career (which also rules bosses, authority figures, parents or parent figures), thus there are career changes afoot and shake-ups in your company or industry.
This eclipse also impacts on Jupiter, your work planet, so job changes are also afoot. There are important financial changes that need to be made as well and the eclipse forces the issue.
Since health is more delicate, there could be a health scare – especially if you’re not on top of things. Every Lunar Eclipse forces you to redefine your image, personality and self-concept. This one is no different. You are in the process (and eclipse phenomena are in effect for six months) of projecting a new image into the world, a new you. Health and energy will improve from the 23rd onwards. But until then rest and relax more.
Though the planetary power is below the horizon, there are many good career opportunities happening this October, especially after the 23rd. Some of these could have happened last month as well. But as we mentioned, you can be more choosy now. Choose the opportunity that is most ‘family friendly’ and most emotionally comfortable.
On the 23rd, the Sun enters your 5th house and you enter another yearly personal pleasure peak. This is a time for recreation and fun, and for enjoying your children (or the children figures) in your life. There is a sort of ‘good go lucky’ attitude to life.
Finances are super and you have the wherewithal to have fun – and probably expensive-type fun too. There is luck in speculations. More importantly, you are earning money in good ways and enjoying your wealth. Not everyone can say this. There is an opportunity for a business partnership or joint venture after the 23rd too. (This can also happen next month.) Financial opportunity and increase can happen as you are having fun at some resort, or at the theatre or a party.
The love life continues to be good. Astrologically speak­ing, you couldn’t ask for better love aspects than what you have after the 23rd. Foreign travel is also likely, only keep in mind that your travel planet is still retrograde so there are likely to be delays and glitches here. On the 21st Mercury also goes retrograde. Thus, the two planets that rule travel in your Horoscope are retrograde at the same time. Best sched­ule your trips before the 21st.