Horoscope Cancer November 2021

Predictions Cancer November 2021

The planets are shifting ever more westward this month; by the 27th, 80 to 90 per cent will be there. Your good comes from other people and their grace. Cultivate your social skills and let others have their way for a while. Adapt to events and situations. Don’t force good things, allow them to happen.
Neptune joins Uranus in your 8th House this month – this time for good. The psychic and psychological explorations you’ve been making are now intensified. Your dream life becomes ever more active and your ESP faculties get sharper and sharper. You can no longer hide from the deeper things of life – the invisible realities of the universe. You are confronted with them almost daily. Keep a log of your dreams and of your psychic experiences. Important psychological breakthroughs are happening over the long term. You will reinvent yourself, over the next 7 to 14 years, into something radically different from what you are now.
In the short term the party continues for most of the month. Take up opportunities for fun and pleasure, as after the 22nd it’s back to work. With your Work Planet starting to move forward on the 13th, the situation at work clarifies. Those looking for work have a much easier time of it. Jobs – good jobs – seem plentiful. Employers are back to expanding the workforce.
Finances are strong all month, but especially until the 22nd. Money comes from work, speculations, family members and creative projects. Money is earned pleasurably and intuitively. One intuitive perception is worth years of hard work. Investors do well this period.
Your health, self-esteem and self-confidence are strong all month.
Love is on hold for a while and still needs time to develop. You cannot rush or force things. Short-term romantic opportunities – flings – are plentiful.
Jupiter moving forward in your 9th House shows that stalled educational or travel opportunities are moving forward again. Relations with college or university administrators should improve. Go ahead with your travel plans.

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