Horoscope Cancer November 2019

As far as eclipses go, the Solar Eclipse of the 3rd is relatively benign to you. It occurs in your 5th house of children, so there are dramatic, life-changing kinds of events in the lives of children and children figures in your life. Their lives have been turbulent all year, but now even more so. Do your best to keep them out of harm’s way this period. Speculations are best avoided during this eclipse period as well. You are basically fortunate in speculations these days, but not at this time. Like every Solar Eclipse, there are dramatic financial changes going on. Whatever didn’t get changed by the last Lunar Eclipse will get changed and adjusted now.
This eclipse impacts on Saturn, the love planet. So love is being tested. The love life is still very good, but impurities in it – things that have been swept under the rug or ignored -now surface for cleansing. The beloved can be more tempera­mental so be more patient. These eclipses show us the ‘dark side’ of the beloved, which we don’t want to see. It’s another way that love gets tested. The eclipse will probably take your present relationship to the next level. Marriages often happen when the love planet is eclipsed – it indicates a change in the marital status. Those who are married can divorce, singles can marry.
Until the 22nd you are still in one of your yearly personal pleasure peaks. True you are working, but you also manage to play. After the 22nd you enter a work period, a more seri­ous period. Fun, games and recreation are wonderful, but they are not the be all and end all of life. Recreation enables us to be better workers, more productive in our chosen line of work. In general this would be a good period for job seek­ers, but your work planet Jupiter goes retrograde on the 7th. Job opportunities might not be all that they are made out to be: study things more carefully. Health regimes (especially new ones) also need more study and homework. This is a good period for doing all those boring but necessary tasks in life – your accounting, bookkeeping, filing and organizing. Health is good this month.
Finances are also good all month. The opportunity for a business partnership or joint venture comes between the 4th and the 7th. Social connections, your spouse or current love, are very supportive during that period. A nice payday and perhaps a job assignment comes from the 12th to the 14th. Speculations are favourable that period as well. From the 22nd to the 25th analyse all financial opportunities more carefully. The Sun is in adverse aspect with Neptune, which means that there are behind-the-scenes dealings that need to be understood.