Horoscope Cancer May 2021

Predictions Cancer May 2021

The momentum of your life is forward and focused on career goals. Though retrograde activity increases this month, others are more affected than you are. Seventy per cent of the planets are still moving forward. Another month of action, achievement and progress is in store.
Though your career is very important, Venus’ move across your Midheaven shows that family issues are also important and that your family is supportive of career goals. It also shows that, for now, being a good family person means doing well in your career. You cannot ignore your career if you are to fulfil family responsibilities.
Venus’ move across the Midheaven shows favour from those above you in status – from parents or elders, bosses or superiors and government officials. People in power are opening doors for you. If you have to have dealings with the government, this is a good month to pursue them.
Mercury, the Lord of your 12th House, is a very elevated planet in May. This shows that careers can be advanced through charitable and voluntary activities and through intuitive and visionary means. Let intuition guide your career. Be alert for the insight which can come at any time.
Your 9th House of Religion and Foreign Travel is still powerful this month – not as powerful as in April, but still strong. Thus opportunities for foreign travel and higher education are coming, though you must look into them carefully. Neptune, your 9th House Lord, is retrograde. Many of you are dealing with college or university administrators. Results are happy and successful, but try to wrap things up before the 4th so as to avoid delays.
Your 11th House (Friends and Group Activities) continues to be powerful. Friends who are like family to you come into the picture. Friends are a help financially as well – either through actual gifts or through the financial opportunities they put before you.
Working with the media and networking with friends will boost you bank balance.
A sudden, unexpected expense on the 3rd can throw you off-balance temporarily, but there is no need to worry. You’ll suffer more from shock than actual damage. Fabulous aspects to your Money Planet on the 12th and 23rd will more than cover this extra expense. Your earning power is strong. Follow your intuition after the 21st and be alert in your dream life. Dreams have financial significance.
Your health is good all month.

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