Horoscope Cancer May 2019

Two eclipses this month ensure that the month ahead will be eventful, both personally and for the world at large. Humans are powerful creatures with the gift of free will, which enables them to veer off from the Divine Plan for their lives.
It takes the events brought on by an eclipse – an earthquake, a natural disaster, a near-death kind of experience – to bring them back in line. You are affected by these eclipses more than most. With the Moon as your ruling planet, the Lunar Eclipse tends to be strongest. However, the Solar Eclipse is powerful in that it affects your financial life. However, the eclipses of this month are mild in comparison to some that you have already gone through. Not many other planets are affected here. They also make either harmonious or non­destructive aspects to you. Still, it won’t hurt to reduce your schedule during these periods.
The Lunar Eclipse of the 25th will bring a redefinition of the personality and the self-concept. You are changing the way you think about yourself and the way you want others to perceive you. This is basically healthy. You are upgrading and polishing your image. If you haven’t been careful in dietary matters these Lunar Eclipses can bring a detox of the body (this is not disease, though the symptoms seem the same). This eclipse occurs in your 11th house of friends. Thus friendships can be tested. Sometimes it is the basic rela­tionship that is the problem; sometimes it is due to dramatic events that happen in the lives of friends. Your hi-tech equipment and gadgetry gets tested too (it would be a good idea to upgrade your anti-virus software now). Mars, your career planet, is affected by this eclipse, so there can be shake-ups in the career or in the lives of people involved with your career. Parents or parent figures need to take it easy during this period.
The Solar Eclipse of the 10th brings financial changes. These are basically good and probably needed to be made long ago. (It takes the dramas brought on by the eclipse to force these changes.) This eclipse occurs in your 6th house of health and work, and thus could bring a health scare or a job change. Since your health is basically good, this will most likely be nothing more than a scare. Neptune, the ruler of your 9th house, is affected by this eclipse and so it is prob­ably not a good idea to travel abroad this period if it can be avoided. Students have dramas at school or with teachers.
There are dramatic, life-changing events with the people at your place of worship. Often this kind of eclipse brings crises of faith and your fundamental beliefs about life and the meaning of life get tested.