Horoscope Cancer March 2021

Predictions Cancer March 2021

March is an eventful, fast-paced, bittersweet month. Cancer. Try to pace yourself after the 20th. Work with a rhythm, and rest when tired. You are making great forward strides in your life, but don’t overdo.
Eighty to 90 per cent of the planets are above the Horizon of your chart, indicating a tremendous focus on your career and outer achievement. Though you will never ignore your home and family, these areas are less important now than usual.
There are only two retrogrades this month and neither of them impacts on you over much. Your plans move forward. Even the Lunar Eclipse of the 13th is kind to you – though you should take a reduced schedule around that period. The changes in your family situation which it brings work in your favour – they are harmonious to you. The eclipse also brings positive changes to your image and personal appearance. Your personality gets re-defined in a way that helps you.
The retrograde of Mercury on the 27th will merely affect communications and sales efforts. Important mailings, lectures or seminars should be scheduled before the 27th if possible. Your car, computer, modems and phone equipment should be checked out. There could be more difficulty getting around the neighbourhood – due to construction work or traffic jams. Try to schedule domestic travel before the 27th. But these are only minor inconveniences.
The retrograde of Pluto on the 8th tests a current love affair – not your marriage or partnerships. You re-evaluate your notions of fun and amusement. Creative projects need more thought and review. Relations with children are more delicate but not really bad. A work project could take longer than you think. Allow leeway in your schedule for the unexpected.
The three most active areas of your life this month are: the 8th House (Eroticism, Making Money for Others, Debt and Repayment of Debt, Depth Psychology and Occult Interests), the 9th House (Foreign Travel, Higher Education, Philosophy and Metaphysics) and the 10th House (Career and Professional Prestige).
Foreign travel and educational opportunities are abundant and you should take advantage of them. Mars crossing your Midheaven point shows a power struggle in your career, a need to defend your position and to pursue your career goals aggressively. This planetary configuration also indicates sudden career advancement.
Be more patient with parents or parental figures.

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