Horoscope Cancer March 2019

The planets are still mostly in the upper half of your chart, and on the 20th you enter a yearly career peak. Go for gold now. Focus on the career. Family issues don’t need much attention now. In fact the family is supporting your outer ambitions. There is much success happening. Pay rises (either overt or achieved more subtly) are happening. Your good professional reputation helps the bottom line. This will be a prosperous month. Elders, bosses, parents or parent figures are not only supporting your career, but your finan­cial goals as well.
This career focus could stress your health if you allow it. Health becomes more delicate after the 20th as at least half, and sometimes more, of the planets will be in stressful align­ment with you after that date. Give the career all the atten­tion it needs, but do it in a way that maximizes your energy. Take breaks when you feel tired. Let go of the trivia in your life. Integrate a health regime into your work schedule and get massages as often as you can.
This month the planets will make an important shift from the Western sector, where they have been so far this year, to the East. The shift will begin on the 20th but will become more established next month. Thus you are entering a cycle of personal independence. Other people are always impor­tant, but they become less so these days. Your own personal initiative and personal abilities are what matter now. Hopefully over the past few months you’ve noted the condi­tions that irk you. Now over the coming months it is time to make changes, to create your conditions as you desire them to be. You have more personal control than usual.
Mercury has been retrograde since February 23, and this continues until the 17th of this month. This affects your spiritual intuition. It needs more verification this period. Intuition is always right, but sometimes the human mind does not interpret it correctly. This is the main problem now. Also, take more care in communicating. Make sure that you say what you mean and that others get the real message. The reverse is also true. In your chart, the retrograde of Mercury affects you more than the average person. Mercury is not only the generic ruler of communication, but in your chart is the actual Lord. So be patient when phone calls are missed, or computers act up, or letters don’t get delivered. These are typical phenomena. You just have to be philo­sophical about these things.
Your spouse, partner or current love seems more gener­ous on the 1st and 2nd. He or she has a nice payday. Important financial changes are happening from the 27th to the 30th – some shock or surprise. It’s a very short-term issue and you will handle it. Parents or parent figures need to drive more carefully from the 18th to the 21st and also need to avoid risky kinds of activities. There may be shake-ups in your corporate hierarchy (or industry) over that period as well.