Horoscope Cancer June 2021

Predictions Cancer June 2021

Saturn’s move out of Aries into Taurus on 10th June inaugurates a very happy period for you, Cancer. Though this move is not permanent this year (Saturn will return to Aries on 25th October), it is signal of future liberation and happiness. Right now you are getting a foretaste of things to come. The worst is over, and like Noah after the flood, the dove is bringing you an olive branch. Terra flrma is in sight.
Many of you will feel that lead weights have been taken off your ankles so that you can move, walk and run faster now. There is more spring in your step and a lighter attitude about you. Health, vitality and optimism are increasing. Heavy burdens and responsibilities are being lifted or eased. You can start enjoying life more.
With most of the planets now firmly in the East and Saturn moving away from its stressful aspect, you are having things your way in June – especially after the 21st. You can be more independent and self-reliant. If others don’t cooperate you have plenty of energy to go it on your own if need be.
Your good depends on you.
Saturn’s move into Taurus signals an important shift in your love life and social attitudes. For marrieds this shows a more friendly, egalitarian relationship. Your partner or lover is less career-orientated and becomes group- and socially-orientated. There is more harmony in your marriage. For singles this shows a shift in your needs and desires in love. For two years you’ve been allured by power people – people of prominence and position. Now you seek a good friend. For two years you’ve been a social climber; by now you have probably achieved your goals in this area and you can enjoy simple, uncomplicated friendships.
Singles find love in group activities and professional organizations. Friends are more inclined to play matchmaker for you. Those of you not married are probably going to meet the man or woman of your dreams – your fondest hope and wish – within the next three years or so.
Finances are improving dramatically. A good sense of self-esteem and self-worth are helping a lot. After the 21st you are a financial star. Your business and financial abilities are recognized by others. Your Money Planet in an angular position indicates power and prominence. Earnings soar this month – especially after the 21st. Pursue your financial goals boldly.

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