Horoscope Cancer June 2019

Last month was a very spiritual-type month, especially from the 20th onwards. In light of the two eclipses that happened this was a good thing. In times of distress we need to call upon our spiritual resources, and most likely this is what happened for you. These resources are more than adequate to handle any kind of crisis on the material plane. Your spiri­tual period continues until the 21st of this month. It is a time for spiritual breakthroughs. Your access to the invisible world of spirit and energy is much better now than at other times. It’s good now to review the past year, atone for mistakes, forgive yourself and others, and set your goals for the year ahead which begins on your birthday – your personal new year.
You are on the cusp of great and glorious things. Things might seem dark at the beginning of the month, but as they say, it is always darkest before dawn. Momentous things are happening now. Jupiter will move into your sign on the 27th, initiating a two-year period of prosperity, happiness and good fortune. You start to catch the lucky breaks in life. You are lucky in speculations. You are up and optimistic. Things that were once daydreams or fantasies will actually start to happen.
The planetary power is now at its maximum Eastern posi­tion in your chart. Thus, you are in a period of maximum personal independence. You can and will have things your way. You can and will create the conditions for happiness and fulfilment. It’s up to you now. Though health is still deli­cate – you still have two powerful long-term planets stress­ing you – after the 21st it improves immeasurably. With more energy all kinds of new possibilities open up.
The love life, which was merely so-so up to now, really takes off after the 21st. Singles are meeting significant others. Marriage would not be a surprise, though next month is better for that. Romance is in the air.
With the Sun and Venus moving through your sign, you look great. You are magnetic and charismatic. You dress with style and elegance. You look wealthy as well – you have the image of a prosperous person. But it’s more than just image; when the Sun crosses your Ascendant on the 21st he will bring sizeable financial windfalls. In the year ahead you will be living a higher kind of lifestyle. With Jupiter it matters little whether you actually have the cash to support this lifestyle – you will live ‘as if you were rich.
Travel is happening later in the month too. However, keep in mind that Neptune, your travel planet, goes retro­grade on the 7th, so allow more time for getting to and from your destination.