Horoscope Cancer July 2021

Predictions Cancer July 2021

Retrograde activity is increasing this month, but the key areas of your life are moving forward. Be patient with others, as they are probably experiencing delays.
With all the short-term planets in the Eastern sector, you have unusual freedom to create conditions as you like them. You are independent and self-assertive (especially after the 6th) and are ready to go it alone if you cannot get your way. Your health and energy levels are at all-time highs now. You excel in exercise and athletic activities, and in general project a more forceful image.
Mars, your Career Planet, moves into your own Sign on the 6th, indicating career advancement and that you are cultivating a more important persona. Career issues and ambitions are close to your heart and there is much energy devoted to fostering the image of success.
Though your personal glamour and charisma are very strong – seldom have you looked better – your love life is complicated. There is ambivalence and contradiction there.
On the one hand you want something committed and structured; on the other, you want freedom. A part of you is very conservative and possessive in love; another part is experimental and unconventional. The best way out for singles is to find someone who can give you all these qualities, who will allow a measure of freedom but also be committed and loyal – in short, a person who can adjust to your different moods.
Earnings are very strong this month. You shine in the financial world. You are recognized for a financial coup or for your money-making talents. You are a standard for success among your peers now.
The full Moon of the 9th gives you extra energy to achieve social goals. The new Moon of the 23rd is going to clarify financial issues and bring you needed information. Pursue financial goals boldly, there is a lot of energy and support behind you.
Important mailings and sales projects should be done before the 31st.

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