Horoscope Cancer January 2021

Predictions Cancer January 2021

Both the full Moon of the 12th and the new Moon of the 28th indicate great involvement with the personal image and body. The full Moon shows sensual fulfilment and the good life, while the new Moon is showing radical – and perhaps rebellious – changes in your personal image. Perhaps you are responding to the pressures of others in your own unique way. Many of you will embark on new dietary or weight loss regimes, dress differently or accessorize yourself in a new, unique way. The emphasis is on being unique.
Eighty to 90 per cent of the planetary power is in the upper part of your chart. The outside world, rather than the inner one, calls to you. Most planets are in the Western sector of your chart, indicating social involvement and being other-focused. This is not a month for asserting yourself or your will – especially until the 20th. Your good comes from others and it is better to adapt to conditions than to try to change them right now. The message of the new and full Moon is to change yourself rather than others or conditions.
Your social life is active but could also be stormy. Financial issues could create a short-term problem with a lover or spouse. But don’t allow this to cloud your financial judgement – deal with it in the least destructive way and keep the channels of communication open – for other financial opportunities are coming through your partner. This is a great month for negotiating partnerships and mergers and for getting investors involved in your projects. Just don’t finalize a partnership until Venus moves forward next month. Negotiate, talk and set the ground rules now, but wait until next month to sign the papers.
Your access to other people’s money is greatly increased this month, as is your ability to borrow. Just be sure to discern clearly between constructive and destructive debt. Money can also come from royalties, insurance settlements and the generosity of partners. Current living expenses or the expenses of a current project might not be as high as you think. You can get more with less and increase your profits by cutting waste and eliminating things you don’t need.
You possess great financial ingenuity and originality now. New and original wealth ideas – perhaps inventions or new techniques for doing things – are coming to you.

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