Horoscope Cancer January 2019

You begin your year with 70 and sometimes 80 per cent of the planets in the social Western sector of the chart. Your 7th house of love is very powerful all month, but especially until the 19th. You are in the midst of a yearly social peak. Self-interest and personal desires are best downplayed; rela­tionships are the most important thing now. Though I doubt whether singles will marry this month, they are likely to meet people they would consider marrying. The aspects for actual marriage are much better later on in the year, in July and August. However, it looks like a sexually active kind of month. Libido is roaring.
Last month the planetary power made a shift from the lower to the upper half of your Horoscope. By the 10th the shift is complete – at least 80 per cent of the planets are above the horizon of your chart. So, though home and family are always important to you, you are in a period for focusing on the career and your outer worldly objectives. This is now the best way to serve your family. Your outer success will actually enhance your family life rather than detract from it.
Your social grace, your ability to get on with others, is important on the financial level. Your social connections are playing a huge, positive role in earnings until the 19th. You socialize with the people you do business with (and a lot of your social activity is business related), and like doing busi­ness with people you are friendly with. On the 19th the Sun moves into your 8th house of transformation and this shows that your spouse, partner or current love is entering a yearly financial peak. Thus he or she is likely to be more generous.
Your financial planet in the 8th house from the 19th onwards shows an ability to pay down or take on debt. Both happen relatively easy. It just depends on what your need is. A good financial detox is in order after the 19th. Get rid of excessive or wasteful expenses, extra bank accounts, extra credit cards and so forth. It is a time for prospering by ‘prun­ing’. Of course, necessities shouldn’t be pruned -just extra­neous things. It’s a good idea to go through the home and get rid of belongings – clothing or furniture – that you don’t use. Sell them or give them to charity. This will clear the channels for new supply to enter. Health is delicate until the 19th. Be sure to rest and relax more.