Horoscope Cancer January 2018

A hectic month: much change, many crises to deal with. In the end though, you seem successful. Just hang in, handle each issue as it comes, avoid excess worry or anxiety (easier said than done) and all will work out.
You begin your year with 100 per cent of the planets in the western sector. Highly unusual. The percentage will drop to 90 per cent from the llth to the 21st, 80 per cent on the 22nd and 23rd, and back again to 90 per cent from the 24th onwards. Your 7th house of love and romance is very powerful until the 22nd. You are in the midst of a yearly social peak. Forget about the self and its desires for a while. Take a holiday from yourself and focus on other people and their needs. Who you are and what you can do is not that important these days. Your good comes to you through the grace of others. You need their favour and co-operation. The cosmos is calling you to adapt as best you can. Make a note of things that should be changed and, when the planetary power shifts to the East in a few months, you will have the power and the wherewithal to make changes.
Love, as mentioned, is very active now. But bittersweet. Pluto in your 7th house has been testing marriages and relationships for some years now. Mars in your 7th house until the 15th shows a tendency to power struggles with the beloved (try to avoid this as much as possible, but the temptations are there). A solar eclipse on the 4th (in your 7th house) stirs the pot even further. The current relationship gets tested. The dirty laundry in the relationship comes up for airing. Good relationships get even better when the storm is over, but flawed relationships are in danger.
Every solar eclipse brings financial changes and this one is no different. It brings personal financial changes, and perhaps financial changes for your current love or partner as well. A business partnership or joint venture could be forming – but with bumps along the way. Take a reduced schedule during this eclipse period and until the 22nd. Avoid risk-taking or stressful activities.
There are upheavals in your corporate hierarchy or industry. There are dramas with parents or parent figures. But with Jupiter crossing your midheaven from the 22nd onwards, you have the classic indicators for success, promotion, elevation and honour. You are working hard, earning your success – no question about it – but your hard work produces good fortune. It is not meaningless drudgery. It does take you somewhere.
Your health is becoming more important this month as well. It will be important all year. Enhance your health in the ways described in the yearly report, but pay extra attention to your heart all month. Also to your feet until the 22nd and to your head, face, skull and adrenals after the 22nd.

Horoscope 2018

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