Horoscope Cancer February 2021

Predictions Cancer February 2021

Though having 80 to 90 per cent of the planets in the upper half of your chart would indicate that moods, feelings and emotions are unimportant, other factors in your Horoscope modify this reading. For one thing, there is great power in your 8th House; for another, there is great power in the element of Water – the feeling element. So, though you are ambitious you need to deal with feelings in order to further your ambitions. Power in the 8th House shows a need to rid yourself of emotional responses and thought patterns which are no longer necessary and which perhaps keep you in bondage. This is a good month for dealing with addictive behaviour – we all suffer from it to some degree. Think about eliminating undesirable possessions and character traits, and for cutting expenses. Expand by cutting back. Prune the tree of your life so that it can grow faster and better in the future.
With 100 per cent of the planets moving forward after the 5th, things are moving forward with you and with those around you. Venus’ forward motion after the 5th occurs in your 7th House (Love and Marriage) showing that a relationship problem is sorting itself out. This might happen within your own relationship or the relationship of someone in your family whom you care about – or perhaps your relationship with a family member (most likely a parent).
If you handle the first part of the month correctly – by weeding out the undesirable and wasteful from your life – you will be in a better position to enjoy the latter part of the month. After the 20th there is great expansion, educational and travel opportunities, and increased optimism and self- esteem. Your natural sensitivities make you more valuable to employers and more useful to those around you, as the element of Water is very powerful during this period. People who know how to handle the emotional sensitivities of others will prosper.
Until the 20th you prosper by helping others to prosper and by cutting costs and expenses. Don’t cut the meat or muscle, just the fat. Be as precise as a surgeon. After the 19th there is great financial expansion and opportunity. The Solar Eclipse of the 26th will practically force you to prosper. It will create a situation of crisis which will force happy and needed changes. Perhaps it will give you the excuse you need to make these changes. Don’t let these upheavals disturb you over much; this is a great financial month and a great financial year.
Your health is good all month, but especially after the 20th.

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