Horoscope Cancer December 2021

Predictions Cancer December 2021

The workplace is the scene of the most important action this month. You are working hard but having fun there as well. It is where money and love come from early in the month. Office parties are particularly enjoyable and romantic. Coworkers are harmonious. Holiday cheer permeates the workplace – more powerfully than usual.
By the end of the month all the planets will be in forward motion, indicating that day by day you are making ever- greater progress in your projects and plans. The world is moving forward and you with it.
Most of the planets are in the West, making this a very social month. You are cultivating the good graces of other people, adapting to events and hopefully avoiding power struggles. You have a strong need to be popular and accepted now. You strive for the good opinion of others.
Pluto, your 5th House Ruler, receives strong stimulation this month. Creativity is enhanced. Singles have short romantic flings. There is luck in speculations and perhaps a financial windfall through a speculative investment. But the major earnings come from work and from being of service to others. Focus on doing a great job and money will follow very naturally. Job-seekers meet with wonderful success now. Good jobs are plentiful. You seem to have fun even in the act of looking for a job – going to interviews, meeting different people.
Those of you who have had health problems of late hear good news now. Not only should your personal health improve – especially after the 11th – but your healing ability is also much stronger.
Love is happy and active this month – especially after the 11th. By the 29th, when Saturn (your Love Planet) moves forward, a current relationship should start progressing.
Clarity comes to your social life. You know where you want to go and where you stand. Your social confidence and charisma are strong. You know how to attract what you want into your life.
The opening up of your love life has a good effect on your career as well. The situation here clarifies and moves forward after the 29th. Enjoy!

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