Horoscope Cancer December 2018

Though most people tend to socialize more during the holidays, for you this is even more than usual. You enter a yearly social peak at a very good time. You are not just thinking of partying, but of real romance – something more permanent. Singles tend to think of how nice it would be to have a beloved by their side when the holidays come so that they don’t have to keep searching for a date. This is one of the charms of marriage and family – you always have a date, always have plans, for the holidays. This is a big consideration for Cancerians.
Until the 22nd you are still in a hectic work period. This is the time to get all those tedious chores done – the bookkeeping, tax planning, filing, updating your address book and the like. You have the mind for it now. Job-seekers still have good success this month. Friends, of course, are the main place to look – networking among friends is powerful. But the internet also seems good for your search.
There is a lunar eclipse on the 10th this month. It occurs in your 12th house. Your spiritual planet, Mercury, has been retrograde since November 24, and you have been a bit directionless in your practice or your understanding. The eclipse should bring revelation here and change your practice, your teachers and your attitudes. You need to take a new direction in your spiritual life, and it will happen in the next few months. (Eclipse phenomena can manifest for up to six months after the event.) Every lunar eclipse gives you the opportunity to rethink, upgrade and improve your self-image, self-concept and personal appearance. This is a healthy thing to do periodically, and in a way it is good that the cosmos forces this on you. (Because it happens for you with such regularity, you go through it more easily – with other signs, when this happens, it can be quite dramatic.)
Health becomes delicate again after the 22nd. It doesn’t seem as stressful as March or October, but it still needs watching. Keep in mind previous discussions of this. Pay more attention to your heart, neck and throat. Regular neck massage will be powerful. Cranial sacral therapy is good. The cervical vertebrae need to be kept in the correct alignment.
Finances are good all month, but seem best after the 22nd. Your holiday loot should be larger than usual (and probably you yourself are more lavish in your gift-giving). Until the 23rd you earn through your work – the old-fashioned way. Yes, there is luck, but it comes through hard work. After the 22nd, earnings come through your spouse, current love or social connections. Business partnership or
joint ventures can happen – the opportunity is there. You spend more on your spouse or partner, too. Financial judgement is sober and sound – you have a good long-term perspective on wealth. You are more willing to save, invest and create long-term financial plans.

Horoscope 2018

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