Horoscope Cancer August 2021

Predictions Cancer August 2021

Though half the planets are in retrograde motion until the 23rd, your career and financial life move forward. Be patient with others, though, as they are experiencing all kinds of delays and frustrations.
Mars in your own Sign (until the 20th) and the fact that many planets are in the Eastern sector show that you have
plenty of energy, self-will and self-confidence. You are very much in charge of your life. Like a despot or dictator of old, your word and your will represent the ‘law unto which it is spoken’ – especially regarding your personal affairs.
The retrogrades do affect your love life, as a current relationship or marriage seems to be going backwards instead of forwards. Singles are more conservative in love now, and perhaps there is a lack of social confidence after the 13th. The ret-rogrades will delay love but not stop it. Your social judgement is not as good as it usually is, so long-term love decisions – to marry or divorce, etc., should be put on hold for a while.
Two important eclipses occur this month. Lunar Eclipses are always important to you, as the Moon is your Ruling Planet. The Lunar eclipse of the 8th signals a need to reduce activities and rest more from the 6th to the 9th. This is not a time to try to break athletic records, race cars or take arduous journeys. Of course what you need to do you must do, but what isn’t necessary should be rescheduled for another time. Important long-term changes are being made to your image and personal appearance. Someone close, who has been near death, passes from the scene. Your personality is being re-defined in a new way – best if you do the re-defining, lest others do it for you.
Solar Eclipses always affect your finances, Cancer, as the Sun is your Money Planet. But this one on the 22nd has even greater financial clout as it occurs in your Money House. Though not always pleasant, the upheavals caused by an eclipse always bring long-term good. Our Hindu brothers say that the eclipse is the Sun-God being swallowed by the Sky Dragon, temporarily shutting off light and power to the world. Your earning power is temporarily eclipsed and weakened. Your normal financial voltage is reduced. Perhaps you are hit by a sudden expense. Your investment portfolio is hit by short-term trends in the market place. You buy some personal trinket that is beyond your budget and which you don’t need. A financial impulse
was unrealistic. A financial arrangement is found to be unsatisfactory. You discover that you’ve been paying for things that you didn’t need to pay for. The credit card company socks you with a hidden charge and you must spend time to change the billing arrangement with them. Financial flaws are revealed so that long-term correctives can be taken. You are forced to take some decisive financial action one way or another to solve a problem.
In spite of the above, finances are strong and the disturbances are short term.

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