Horoscope Cancer August 2019

The yearly financial peak that began last month gets even stronger this month, as more of the short-term planets join the Sun in your 2nd money house. The money is rolling in from many different sources. The heavenly gates of abunĀ­dance have opened and it is pouring down on you – a most marvellous experience.
We still have a rare Grand Trine in Water, your native element. This tends to emotional harmony as people become more sensitive. It is also very comfortable for you.
Career opportunities are seeking you out, rather than vice versa. You are a ‘hot commodity’ now. You are not too focused on your career, yet it is still going well. (This proves the adage that too much personal interference can actually ruin a good thing. Sometimes it is best to allow the good to happen rather than trying to force it.) In terms of creating your personal conditions of happiness it would be right to take the initiative – but in career matters just now, it is not.
Foreign travel is still likely this month, but keep in mind that your travel planet Neptune is retrograde, so allow more time for getting to and from your destination. Students are still successful and getting into good schools. They probably have an abundance of schools to choose from and this will require more homework. Take time to make the choice.
Even non-students are having good educational opporĀ­tunities these days – and they should take them. There are religious and philosophical breakthroughs happening as well.
Health and energy continue to be good. Like last month the danger is over-indulgence in the good life. The good news here is that Mars spends most of the month (until the 28th) in your own sign. This indicates that you are more involved in physical exercise and sports.
Mars will square Uranus on the 1st and 2nd, which is a dynamic aspect. Avoid losing your temper (you are more susceptible to this now) and undue risk-taking, and drive more defensively. This applies to parents or parent figures as well. There can be shake-ups at the top levels in your company or industry during this period.
Love is good, as we mentioned, but your spouse, partner or current love seems more stressed out than usual. He or she needs to rest and relax more. This stress can complicate what is basically a good relationship.