Horoscope Cancer April 2021

Predictions Cancer April 2021

A bittersweet but successful month. Cancer. No question that you need to slow down, focus on priorities and delegate more responsibility if you are an executive or self- employed. A good month to wear the metals, gems, colours and scents of your Sign (see Cancer at a Glance, above). With so much activity going on in your career – responsibilities weigh heavily upon you – you might find it difficult to slow down. If this is the case, schedule some time with a masseuse or reflexologist. Anything that increases or enhances your energy is good for you.
You have enough energy to handle what you’re supposed to handle, but not for side issues. Sharp discernment between real and imagined duties is called for now.
Great career progress is being made, but through brute force, drive and determination. You are earning your career success the hard way. Power struggles are going on in the corporate hierarchy – you seem intimately involved there. Happily, your family life requires little attention and you receive a lot of emotional support from them. Relations with superiors are tense. A parent or elder is financially supportive but a bit angry at the same time. Much of this stress eases up after the 20th. Your health and vitality improve dramatically after the 20th as well.
Your religious faith and its truths are comforts in the time of upheaval. Much religious and spiritual illumination is happening for you. You make fortunate contacts with ministerial figures. There is foreign travel this month – and happy travel to boot. Happy educational opportunities open up. As the month progresses you will see that adversity is only the Cosmos’ way (and the quickest way) of lifting you higher and enlarging your vision and understanding. This is the real reason for what is going on.
Romance is stormy and volatile until the 13th. Anger can turn into sexual passion and vice versa. A current relationship seems in crisis. If the relationship makes it past the 13th it can survive almost anything.

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