Horoscope Cancer April 2019

On the 14th, as Mercury moves eastward, the planetary shift to the East is confirmed. For the next six months or so you are in a period of personal independence. You can and should have things your own way, so long as you are not harming others. If others don’t go along with your plans you have the power and the wherewithal to go it alone if neces­sary. Now there are no excuses – personal happiness is in your hands.
The main headline this month is the power in your 10th house of career. It was strong last month and even stronger now, with 60 per cent of the planets moving through this house this month. This shows a lot of focus and lot of activ­ity. Pay rises could have happened last month and can still happen now – the 14th to the 20th seems a likely time for this. Bosses, elders and parent figures are supporting your financial goals. As we mentioned, it is not always a literal pay rise that happens: earnings can be increased in more covert kinds of ways.
This is a very successful month. Generally a focus on the career detracts from family life, but not so for you. The family seems very supportive – actually pushing and promoting your career goals.
Finances are good this month too. Avoid speculations at the beginning of the month. Be more careful with debt and read all the small print attached to any loans you take out. A child or child figure in your life could create some sudden expense at this time. However, these are small, short-term bumps on the road. Prosperity is strong. The Moon on the 10th brings career opportunity and financial increase. It will also clarify career issues as the month progresses.
Health still needs attention until the 19th so keep in mind our discussion of this last month. Health and energy will improve dramatically after that date.
The planetary momentum is mostly forward and the Sun is in Aries, the best starting energy of the zodiac. If you have new projects or products to release, this is the month to do it. The Moon of the 10th is the best time, but anytime until the 25th is good.
A child or child figure in your life is enduring a stressful period. He or she seems rebellious and difficult to handle. Have patience here. He or she could use more attention as well. A Lunar Eclipse on the 25th reinforces this. Do your best to keep children or children figures out of harm’s way. Reduced your schedule if possible – both yours and that of the children.
Love seems more challenging after the 19th. Perhaps there are financial disagreements with the beloved, or perhaps your career focus is detracting from the romance. None of these is the real reason: the beloved is just more stressed out and perhaps more irritable after the 19th.