Horoscope Aries September 2021

Predictions Aries September 2021

The short-term planets are now solidly in the Western, social sector of your chart, and will be that way for a few more months. A good time now to practise your social skills and to achieve ends through co-operation and reconciliation. This is not an especially good period for going it alone or for undue self-assertion.
The element of Earth is the dominant energy this month, making people more practical and result-orientated. At times they will seem over-cautious and it may take someone like you to light a fire beneath them and motivate them to action. This is a slower paced month than last month.
Your career is developing behind the scenes right now and there is little you can do to advance things in an overt, direct way. Better now to focus on doing a great job where you are, letting your work and performance speak for you.
Though you are still in a fun mood, September is a more serious, work-orientated month than August was. Those already in jobs are working harder. Those looking for work, or looking to hire employees, see good success.
Your health is good all month and your personal healing ability is much stronger than usual. Nevertheless, take a reduced schedule from the 4th to the 7th – the period of this month’s Lunar Eclipse.
The Lunar Eclipse (on the 6th) is basically kind to you. Like last month’s, it shows changes in your home and family situation. If there were flaws not corrected after last month’s eclipse – termites, mice, fumes from the carpeting, plumbing or electrical problems in the home – this month’s eclipse should bring them to the surface for correction.
This eclipse affects those on a spiritual path more than others. Meditation techniques, gurus, spiritual organizations and the like are subject to long-term change. All of you will experience a heightened dream life and perhaps feel edgy during the period of the eclipse. These dreams are generally of no consequence, however, and are most likely deeply buried fears and complexes getting stirred up – letting you know that they are there. The edginess is normal. The entire magnetic field of the Earth changes during an eclipse.
Love and finances are strong all September.

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