Horoscope Aries September 2019

The planetary power makes an important shift this month. By the 22nd, the upper half of the Horoscope (the sector of career and outer activities) becomes stronger than the lower half (home, family and emotional issues). Dawn is breaking in your year.
It is time to wake up and be about, time to work on your career and outer goals by the methods of day -through overt physical action. Family life will still be very important, but you can shift more attention to the career now. This is the best way to serve your family.
You are still very much in a creative, fun kind of period. But less so than last month. Work has been important since August 22. This is a time to be more productive at work, to handle all those boring, detail-oriented jobs like getting your accounts in order, proof-reading your letters or reports, getting your files in order – things of this nature. It is still a favourable time for job seekers and for those who employ others.
On the 22nd you enter your yearly social peak. Romance is on your mind. You are in the mood for it and opportu­nities are abundant. While a marriage is not likely, there are still happy romantic experiences and opportunities happen­ing. In general, you are going out more, attending more parties and gatherings.
The month ahead seems hectic. You are trying to balance many, many conflicting interests: an active social life, the need for fun and entertainment, your spiritual life, home and career. You’ve got a full plate this month. Also it seems that you are involved in some major, complicated project -launching a new business or institution. These big projects always tend to be complicated.
Thus, you need to rest and relax more and pay more attention to health. Until the 9th, health is enhanced by paying more attention to the small intestine. Right diet is still an issue for you. After the 9th, give more attention to the kidneys and hips.
Regular hip massage will be wonderful. Discord in love or with friends can be a cause of health problems, so work to maintain harmony here. From the 29th onwards, give more attention to the colon, bladder and sexual organs. Safe sex and sexual moderation is important then.
In spite of all the stress the month ahead seems prosper­ous. Your spouse, partner or current love is having a good month, both personally and financially. There is still a finan­cial re-organization going on but this month things seem easier. He or she seems more financially supportive as well. Friends in general are more financially supportive. There is a nice payday happening on the 27th-28th as Venus makes fabulous aspects to Jupiter. This also brings a very happy romantic meeting or social opportunity.

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