Horoscope Aries October 2021

Predictions Aries October 2021

With 80 per cent of the planets going forward after the 18th, the pace of events is quickening. Yet strong cosmic signals indicate that all this is happening around you – to you – but not through you. A low, cautious profile is advisable this month.
Saturn moving back into your Sign at the end of the month, and the presence of many planets in your Western, social sector, indicate that this is not a time for power struggles or ego games. Allow your good to come to you but don’t force it. Charm and social grace will take you further than brute force.
Saturn’s move into your own Sign is only for a brief time. Any lessons of discipline and organization not yet learned over the past two years will have to be mastered. Saturn is going to give you your final examinations and then leave. Rest and relax more this month and focus on priorities.
Executives should delegate more authority now.
Career issues have been developing behind the scenes and quite soon now the tender shoots will be ready for harvest. Some forward progress will be evident this month, but more will happen as the months go by.
Love, romance and social activities dominate the month. The 7th House (of Love) is the most active House in your chart. By all means accept invitations to parties and gatherings. Mingle until you tingle. Love is beautiful and romantic. Roses and romantic moonlit dinners – not brash caveman tactics – will win the heart of your beloved. Singles have abundant romantic opportunity. Marrieds or those involved in a relationship deepen their love. Your aesthetic sense is more finely tuned now. There is a greater appreciation for art and music and enhanced creativity. Museums, art galleries, concert halls, flower gardens are more alluring in general, and also enhance romance. Feed yourself on beauty this month; you need it as much as physical food.
But romance isn’t everything this month. You are working hard as well. The pace at work quickens. Job-seekers are aggressive in their quest and enjoy good success. Physical fitness becomes important now and there is no contradiction between appreciating the gym and the art gallery.

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