Horoscope Aries November 2021

Predictions Aries November 2021

Eighty per cent of the planets are in forward motion, so we see another month of progress and achievement.
With 60 to 70 per cent of the planets in the Western, social sector of your chart, there is a need to tone down your independence and focus on social skills. Mars, your Ruler, moves into your 7th House (Marriage and Social Activities) late in the month, further reinforcing your need to be diplomatic, tactful and conciliatory.
Change is happening to you, not through you. Good comes from others this month. Allow it to happen with minimum personal interference.
Neptune, your Planet of Spirituality, moves into Aquarius at the end of the month – this time for good. This shows a qualitative change in your friendships, ideals and the kind of organizations to which you belong. Friends are more spiritual and refined now. The organizations you gravitate towards are spiritual in nature and intent. Group activ-ities centre round spirituality – group meditations or group rituals and the like. Astrology becomes ever more important in your life. This is a long-term trend.
Saturn back in your own Sign for a while shows that you cannot avoid true responsibilities but must find ways of coping – either by delegation or the creation of a system to handle them efficiently.
Many planets in the 8th House (Elimination, Transformation) until the 22nd indicates that you are dealing with the seamier side of life. But this is not punishment, more like an education. You are dealing with issues of death, crime, terrorism, sex, violence, underworld activities and the like. For most of you this will be an abstract experience – something in the newspapers or in the neighbourhood or that happens to acquaintances. You are confronted – and even fascinated – with these things so that you can get a deeper perspective on them.
It is a wonderful month for in-depth psychology, research, mysteries and getting rid of possessions and character traits that are not useful to you. A month for clearing out old baggage.
Your health is good and love is more erotic. Finances improve after the 17th.

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