Horoscope Aries May 2021

Predictions Aries May 2021

Though the retrograde activity in the Cosmos increases this month, it doesn’t seem to affect you as the planets going retrograde are not key planets for you. Seventy per cent of the planets are in forward motion, and the momentum of your life is upward, onward and forward.
Almost all the planets are in the Eastern sector of your chart – the sector in which you are most comfortable. You like being in charge of your life and having independence of action. You like not having to rely on others and being able to shape your destiny on your own terms. So this is a comfortable month. You are having things your way. The actions you take now will have long-range consequences – both for good and for ill.
Though your career and ambitions are still very close to your heart, the shift of much of the planetary power below the Horizon of your chart shows that you need to focus more on feelings and family issues – the day-to-day domestic situation. There is a growing need in the coming months to find your point of emotional harmony.
Your health continues to be good and your love life is going well. Venus move into your own Sign of Aries on the 3rd makes you especially amorous. Your personal magnetism and social grace are very strong. Seldom have you looked this good or dressed with such style. Your body and appearance are your works of art this month. Others take
notice and are going out of their way to please you. You have your way in love. The tendency now is to jump into torrid affairs quickly and without thinking. Happily, Saturn’s influence on Venus will tone this down a little – making you more cautious and a little less fickle. Singles need not search for love this month, it will find them. It searches ardently. On the 5th there is romantic opportunity with a spiritual/artistic person – perhaps a musician. On the 28th there is a flirtation with a boss, superior or someone older. Social grace furthers your career.
Finances are strong and very active now. Money-making and financial management haven’t been that important for the past few months, but now they are. There is great financial optimism and good luck now. Speculations go well – though you should not be reckless. Your financial judgement is conservative and sound. Personal creativity creates wealth that never existed before.

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