Horoscope Aries June 2021

Predictions Aries June 2021

A very interesting and important month for you, Aries. Two major changes are going on. First, the short-term planets are beginning to shift from your Eastern to your Western sector. They are not there yet, but the trend is beginning and will strengthen as the months go by. This signals a need to achieve your aims through co-operation, charm and conciliation rather than brute force and self-will. The era of uncompromising self-will is ending for a while. You have been creating your own conditions; now you must live with them. If you have created well, things are happy and will continue to be happy. If the creations were faulty in certain respects, for the next few months you will experience the consequences of the faults and correct them the next go round.
The second important development is Saturn’s move out of your own Sign and into Taurus. Now, this is not yet a permanent situation, but it will be by next year.
The first thing you should experience after 10th June is relief from pressure. The burdens you have been carrying should either be taken away or lightened. In some cases you’ve become so strong that the burdens no longer feel like burdens. Some of the seriousness of life is taken away. You feel more light-hearted. You feel that you’ve cleared a major hurdle in life and can now reap the rewards. The testing you’ve gone through is no longer needed and you can coast.
Saturn is moving into Taurus, your Money House. So this move has important financial implications. One of the first things Saturn is going to do is force you to re-evaluate your spending. You are going to have to modify your ways. If you’ve been tight with money (not many Ariens are), then Saturn will loosen those purse strings. Your financial life is going to be brought into balance and order one way or another. Ariens tends to be speculative in financial matters. They enjoy risks and tend to think short term in money matters. Saturn is going to change that. You will take a longer-term perspective on investments, be less of a risk- taker or profit-maker – more of an investor. This is a period to learn the correct use of budgets and financial management techniques.

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