Horoscope Aries June 2019

The planets are now at their maximum lowest position in the chart. You are in the ‘midnight hour’ of your year, which is considered a very magical hour of the day. The old day is over with and a new day has begun – only it is not yet apparent to the senses.
Midnight is not for outer kinds of activities but for the activities of the night: sleep, and the collecting of forces for the new day. This is the time to work on your outer goals by interior methods – though dream­ing, visualizing and entering into the ‘inner condition’ of what you want or where you want to be. This is the neces­sary prelude for attaining any goal.
You are like a seed germinating in the ground. Mighty things are happening, only they cannot be seen. But when the daytime of your year comes around (in a few months’ time) they will be seen. The seedling will burst from the earth and flower in visible, tangible reality.
Early in the month the focus is on communication and intellectual interests. A good time to catch up on those letters, emails and phone calls you owe, and great for taking courses in subjects that interest you – for expanding your knowledge base and exercising the mind.
But after the 21st, the Sun enters Cancer, your 4th house of home and family. Jupiter will enter here on the 27th too. Now is the time for focusing on the family.
This is a month for making psychological kinds of break­throughs. You will tend to be more nostalgic this period, to reminisce more. Often people from your past come back into the life and jog the memory. You will have a greater interest in history as well; not just your personal history but history in general.
Though career is not that important right now, much career progress is happening. Your career planet, Saturn, is receiving beautiful aspects. There is much success – and perhaps promotion and pay rises – happening, only it will manifest later on. Your career planet is retrograde.
Neptune, your spiritual planet, is also receiving very beautiful aspects. So, for those on the spiritual path there are important breakthroughs happening, revelations from on high. Your intuition is very good.
Health needs more watching after the 21st.
As always, rest and relax more: avoid burning the candle at both ends. Enhance the health through a right diet and give more attention to the stomach. Women should give more atten­tion to the breasts. Emotional health is very important this month. Avoid depression like the plague. Keep the moods peaceful and constructive.
Love and money are close to home. Family connections play an important role in both. Family seems very support­ive these days. A parent figure enters a two-year cycle of prosperity.

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