Horoscope Aries June 2018

You are just coming off a yearly financial peak and now more is happening. Jupiter enters your money house on the 5th, bringing new financial opportunity and expansion. Jupiter is always a good luck planet, but in your chart he is even more so – for he is lord of the 9th house – one of the most benevolent houses in the horoscope. So the focus on finance is still very strong. Earnings are positive. They can come from foreigners, foreign countries or companies or through investments in foreign countries. This is a good period to take courses that will benefit your financial life. You are spending on higher education and can also earn from this field. Investors should look at ‘for profit’ universities for opportunities.
The planetary power is now mostly in your 3rd house of communication and intellectual interests. Still a good period (actually even better) to do the things mentioned last month.
Health is still excellent overall, but after the 21st becomes more delicate. You have two long-term planets stressing you out (Pluto and Saturn) and now the short-term planets join in (the Sun and Mercury). Rest and relax more. Pace yourself. Enhance your health by paying more attention to your lungs, small intestine, arms and shoulders until the 16th and to your stomach (and breasts if you are female) after the 16th. Be more careful in dietary matters after the 16th.
There are many other significant changes happening this month as well. The planets will start to shift from the eastern sector, where they have been so far this year, into the western, social sector. This month is just the beginning; next month the western sector will be stronger than the eastern. But you are feeling the psychological shift even now.
Also we have two eclipses this month – and these always bring change and upheaval. There is a solar eclipse on June 1 and a lunar eclipse on June 15. These eclipses are basically benign to you, but it won’t hurt to take a reduced schedule anyway.
The solar eclipse of June 1 takes place in your 3rd house. This will test your car, computers, phone equipment and communication systems. If there are problems with these things, you will find out about them now so you can correct them. The eclipse also brings drama in the lives of neighbours and siblings. Students (below university age) perhaps even change schools, or the school itself undergoes changes – perhaps in leadership or in the rules. Every solar eclipse tends to affect your children (or those who are like children to you). It brings drama into their lives, and perhaps changes in your relationship with them.
The lunar eclipse of the 15th occurs in your 9th house. Again, students are affected – but this time those at university or postgraduate level. Perhaps they change their focus of study or the university they’re attending, or have to deal with upheavals. The 9th house deals with a person’s ‘personal religion’ – their philosophy of life, their world view. So these things – your beliefs, your view of the world, your faith – get tested. And this is good. It gives you a chance to correct and modify them. These modifications will affect every area of your life – and if they are good modifications, it will improve every area of your life.

Horoscope 2018

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