Horoscope Aries July 2021

Predictions Aries July 2021

Retrograde activity increases this month, but you are not affected too much by it personally. Your life and plans move forward. Be patient with others, though, as they are probably experiencing more delays in their lives.
The retrograde of Jupiter on the 17th, along with Pluto’s long-standing retrograde, show a need for caution in foreign travel. Avoid needless foreign travel. If you must take a long trip, try not to schedule it too tightly. Allow more time for it – especially with connecting flights and the like. Those of you dealing with colleges, universities or publishers need patience now. Things are developing behind the scenes.
With many planets in the lower half of your Horoscope and in your 4th House of Home and Family, deal with family issues now. Relations with family members are bittersweet, but the bitter allows scope for psychological progress. This is a good time to do construction work in the home or to start redecorating.
Those of you involved in sales, marketing or promotional projects should get their mailings out before the 31st when Mercury starts to retrograde. It would be a good idea to do some preventative maintenance on your car or communication equipment too.
Money-making and investing are now high on your list of priorities. You measure career success by how much money you make. The pace of career progress is slower now, but you have a good long-term perspective. This is not the time for meteoric rises but for slow, step-by-step progress. Each step forward should be considered a success. As long as you move towards your goal, you are a success.
Rest and relax more until the 23rd. After that your vitality returns.
Both love and finances are strong this month. Earnings come from sales, marketing, communication and trading activities until the 19th. After that, money comes from family members, property or family connections. Opportunities to earn money from the home come after the 19th. Job- seekers should get those CVs in before the 31st.

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