Horoscope Aries July 2019

Many of the trends we wrote of last month are still very much in effect. So review our discussion of last month.
Last month, on the 21st, the planetary power shifted from the East to the West. This month, on the 18th, Mars, your ruling planet, also shifts to the West.
The social, Western sector is now dominant for the next five or six months. Hopefully, you have already made the personal changes that you needed to make. Hopefully, you have already created the conditions that you wanted to create.
Now, it is time to live with your creation. If you have created wisely, it is a time to enjoy it. If you have made mistakes, well, now you experience the consequences of the mistakes. It’s not so easy as it was to have your way. Now you have to adapt to situa­tions as best you can and cultivate your social skills. The good graces of others are the most vital thing right now, in finance, love and career.
Health still needs watching until the 23rd. We don’t see major problems here, but this is not your best health period. Energy is not up to its usual standard and thus you are more vulnerable to problems. Enhance the health in the ways mentioned last month. Your health planet Mercury is retro­grade until the 21st, so avoid making major changes to the health regime without more research. Diet is important now, but study the matter thoroughly before making changes. Health and vitality will return after the 23rd.
Like last month career is not that important, but in spite of this many wonderful, behind-the-scenes things are hap­pening. On the 8th your career planet starts to move for­ward, and thus there is more clarity about the career.
The spiritual life is also satisfying and successful. The spir­itual faculties – ESP, intuition, etc. – are very much en­hanced.
Mars travels with Jupiter from the 18th to the 24th, which is a very happy transit. A foreign trip is happening. Students have success in their studies or in getting into a good school or college. A nice financial windfall or opportu­nity comes, and people in authority look upon you with favour.
Love is happy this period. Singles are meeting people they can have fun with, rather than making serious commitments. Until the 23rd you seem to ‘leap before you look’ – you are a ‘love at first sight’ kind of person. But after
that date you become more cautious (and rightfully so). Venus in Virgo from the 23rd onwards is not one of her favourite positions. She becomes too analytical – and romance is to do with the heart, not the head. You will have to exert more effort in showing love and warmth to others after the 23rd.

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