Horoscope Aries January 2021

Predictions Aries January 2021

With 80 to 90 per cent of the planets above the Horizon of your chart, this is a strong career month. Your focus is on the outer world and outer achievement. With many beneficent planets moving through your 10th House (Career) at various times during the month, your working life is successful and real progress is made.
Venus’ retrograde all month is a concern, as it is your Love and Money Planet. Social contacts made now may not turn out as you expect. Love is very important to you right now and you are mixing with the powerful and the prestigious, but don’t make any rash judgements one way or another. Patience with your partner is called for. Neither weddings nor divorces should be scheduled for this month. Your social judgement is apt to be unrealistic. Wait, research, get the facts. Make final decisions next month when Venus moves forwards again.
The same holds true in financial matters. This is not an especially great time to make investments or long-term financial commitments. Your financial judgement could be unrealistic and your opinion is likely to change. Handle the day-to-day finances, of course, but hold off on anything major. A major financial opportunity or windfall happens around the 21st – perhaps you make an important connection at an organization to which you belong – travel is involved. And though you ache to act on this immediately, you should think about it first – get all the details.
Though love is delicate this month, friendships are satisfying and pleasurable. Light, non-committal relationships suit you best. This is a month where fondest hopes and wishes come true – or progress is made towards their attainment. And, as you attain one set of wishes, new ones will take their place.
Money and financial opportunity come from friends, networking and group activities early in the month, and from superiors, parents or parental figures later in the month. Career prestige and professional status is like money in the bank. Pursue career goals and money will manifest very naturally.

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