Horoscope Aries January 2018

An exciting, eventful but very hectic month. You need all your energy to deal with career responsibilities, so let lesser things go. Try to rest and relax more, too – especially until the 20th.
Until January 22 ALL the planets (with the exception of the Moon) are above the horizon of your chart. There will be times (from the 1st to the 9th) where 100 per cent of the planets are above the horizon. Your 10th house is very powerful and you are in the midst of a yearly career peak. You seem very successful this month. You can let home and family issues go for a while; your job is to serve your family by being successful.
A solar eclipse on the 4th also occurs in your 10th house, showing career changes, shake-ups in your corporate hierarchy and industry. And this seems to work in your favour. The eclipse blasts away the obstructions to your success. But your hard work, your aggressiveness, your courage also play their part. You seem in charge, in control, elevated – especially until the 15th.
The other headline this month is Jupiter’s move into your own sign. This brings financial expansion, luck in speculations (not just gambling, but catching the breaks in life), travel and educational opportunities and the ‘good life’. Self-esteem and confidence are very high. Those of you on the spiritual path are meeting a guru soon – it can happen this month, but also in future months. This person is coming to you. Those not on the path are meeting a ‘mentor’ type – a teacher who can help you.
Love is a bit rocky this month. Your focus on your career seems to complicate things. You are probably not able to devote as much time to this area as you should. If you are in a relationship, your beloved feels neglected. Marrieds are having their relationships tested – this is true for the rest of the year ahead, but especially this month. Things should improve after the 15th, and improve even further after the 20th.
Singles find love opportunities in foreign lands, or in religious or educational settings – in church, synagogue, mosque or ashram – or at school. Troubled relationships can be treated by taking a journey together or by taking courses together as a couple.
Health will improve after the 20th. Pay more attention to your liver and thighs until the 13th and to your spine, knees, teeth, gall bladder and overall skeletal alignment afterwards. Happily, your health becomes a priority after the 13th. You pay more attention, and this is good.

Horoscope 2018

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