Horoscope Aries February 2021

Predictions Aries February 2021

With 80 to 90 per cent of the planets still in the upper half of your chart, your ambitions are reinforced. Though you are not overly concerned with feelings and psychological issues, many people around you are, as after the 20th the element of Water is very strong. Your normal bluntness and honesty can easily be misconstrued as cruelty and insensi- tivity up until this time.
In addition, 80 to 90 per cent of the planets are now in the Eastern sector of your Horoscope, making you even more self-willed and assertive than normal. You can be your true Aries self this month and have great freedom and power to act independently and to create conditions as you desire them to be. You need not compromise overly much; others will adapt to you.
After the 5th, 100 per cent of the planets will be moving forwards, showing that you are making great strides and great achievements in your goals and plans. Change and progress are happening with you and in the world.
Confusion is resolved in your love and financial life after the 5th, as Venus, the Mistress of these areas, starts going forwards again. This will be the time to make those purchases, investments and long-term financial commitments. By the 5th you should be more clear as to where a current relationship or friendship is headed, and can make a wise decision one way or another. The Solar Eclipse of the 26th (which affects love affairs, but not marriage) is going to force a decision one way or the other. You cannot straddle the fence any longer.
Two areas of life dominate your interest this month: your 11th House (Friends) and your 12th House (Spirituality). You are very idealistic now.
Your health is excellent and will get even better in the following months.
Singles find love through the pursuit of career goals. Love is practical and cautious now. People who can help your career are alluring. There are flirtations with bosses and superiors. There is socializing with people of prominence and power. Favours come from superiors, elders, government officials. Those of you involved in a current relationship are getting career support from your partner.

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