Horoscope Aries February 2020

The Moon waxes from the 1st to the 8th and from the 23rd to the 28th: good for starting projects. The Moon wanes from the 8th to the 23rd: good for finishing up old projects.

The Moon of the 23rd occurs in Pisces, your 12th Solar House. Spiritual Issues get clarified. The Moon of the 8th occurs in Leo, your 5th Solar House. This gives you extra energy for creative goals and children’s issues.

The planetary momentum is overwhelmingly forward this month (with the exception of Mercury) and almost all make good aspects to you. Venus, your Planet of Love and Money, moves into your own Sign on the 2nd. 70 to 80 per cent of the planets are in the Eastern Sector of your chart. The message is clear: A month of great progress, achievement and success. A month of fast-paced change.

A month where you can have things your way, or create conditions as you like them. People are adapting to you – this is especially true in love. Your leadership abilities come to the fore.

You are in a position to make things happen. Get those new projects off the ground now.

Most of the planets are above the horizon of your Horoscope, so this is very much a career month – a month for outward success.

But with the Sun moving into your 12th House on the 18th it would not be a bad idea to set aside some time for seclusion and introspection. With all this power and energy behind you, it’s good to have a clear idea of where you want to go. Good also to review the past year. Congratulate yourself for successes and see where you made mistakes. Then correct them for the future.

Your most important areas of interest this month will be: foreign affairs, foreign travel, religion, metaphysics, philosophy, higher education, friends, group activities, organizations, spirituality and charitable activities.

Your paths of greatest fulfilment this month will be: home and family (though you should focus more on career matters), intellectual interests, communication and domestic travel (though be more careful here, as Mercury is retrograde from the 4th to the 25th), the body, the image, personal appearance and personal pleasure.

Two important trends are taking place this month. Venus, your Love and Financial Planet, begins an unusual four- month transit of your own Sign. This is a wonderful and happy aspect.

Your personal appearance will shine. Your sense of style and beauty is enhanced. This is a good time to buy clothing, jewellery or personal accessories (if you need them), as you have a good eye for these things.

Your sensual desires will be fulfilled. Love, romance and money pursue you. There is nothing you need to do except show up. This is a great period for both love and money.

Mars, your Ruling Planet, begins an unusual seven-month transit of Sagittarius your 9th House. This shows much religious and philosophical illumination if you want it. It shows travel and travel opportunities and a general sense of optimism and well-being. Your horizons are being broadened.

Best days of February for Love for Aries:

from February 4 to February 11.

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