Horoscope Aries December 2021

Predictions Aries December 2021

The pace of change is gradually quickening. Eighty per cent of the planets move forward as the month begins. By the 11th the percentage goes to 90 per cent, and by New Year all the planets will be in forward motion. An active, fiery month – just the way you like things.
Eighty to 90 per cent of the planets are above the Horizon, showing intense career activity and interest, and most of the planets are now in the East, indicating a return to your normal independence and initiative. You are the leader in your life, not the adaptor or compromiser. Great progress is made personally and in your career.
But love and social affairs are still strong this month. Mars, your Ruler, is in your 7th House of Love and Marriage all month. Though you can have things your way, you compromise by choice, not because you have to. You are aggressively seeking love now, and many of you will find it. The problem is that many of you are looking in the wrong places – doing the conventional things , going to parties and social gatherings and the like – while love awaits you at your workplace, in government offices, and in school or church.
Jupiter’s forward motion and the presence of many planets in your 9th House (Travel, Education, Religion and Philosophy) show a blessed and fortunate month. A month of optimism and mental expansion. Stalled travel opportunities can now go ahead unchecked. The meaning of your life, creativity, love and financial pursuits is being revealed. Deep love and financial secrets are revealed if you stay open to them. This higher knowledge is much to be preferred over a mere financial windfall or physical love affair. With this knowledge you will be able to create your own windfalls whenever you desire, and always have love around you.
With Mercury retrograde until the 11th, try to schedule important mailings, sales projects, media activities, meetings and seminars for after this date. Long journeys – out of the country – are more favourable than short journeys until the 11th. After the 11th both are good.
Your health is excellent until the 22nd, after which you should rest and relax more. Finances are strong. Earnings increase and your Christmas bonus looks bigger than usual. Enjoy!

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