Horoscope Aries August 2021

Predictions Aries August 2021

With 50 per cent of the planets retrograde for most of the month and with so many planets in your 5th House (Fun and Games) you couldn’t choose a better time for a holiday. The strong retrograde activity ensures that you won’t be missing much while you’re away, and the power in the 5th House shows that this period is particularly enjoyable. Only one word of caution, though. Allow more time than usual time for getting from A to B. This applies to both foreign and domestic journeys. If a journey is meant to take two hours, allow four. If you book connecting flights, try not to book them too closely. Nail down all the details – especially times and hidden costs – very carefully. Both Mercury and Jupiter (your Travel Planets) are retrograde most of the month. A holiday close to home might go most smoothly.
Most of the planets are still below the Horizon of your chart, so you can safely let your career develop behind the scenes and focus on domestic and family issues instead. This is a time to feel good rather than to do good.
Though the retrogrades affect your career ambitions, they have no impact on your finances. You have plenty of money, plenty of financial support and a great deal of emotional support for your financial goals. If you need more money, family members or family connections are there until the 13th. After the 13th your personal creativity boosts your bank balance. Money comes easily, effortlessly and enjoyably this month. Speculations are favourable. People are more generous to you, and you to them. An idea involving children and their care, or for a new toy, game or amusement, boosts your earnings. Hobbyists come up with a new marketable product. Investors take a good short-term profit. Artists, actors and musicians do exceptionally well. Financial ideas come to you as you are relaxing and enjoying yourself – perhaps at the golf course, the theatre, the football match, the video arcade, or at a party. A new love is financially supportive. You are a big earner and a big spender now.
Your health is exceptionally strong all month, especially after the 20th. Even the two eclipses this month are kind to you, though you should take a reduced schedule on these days – particularly, avoid travelling on these dates. The Lunar Eclipse occurs on the 8th, the Solar Eclipse on the 22nd.

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