Horoscope Aries August 2018

Retrograde activity increases this month, with 40 per cent of the planets are in retrograde motion. Also, most of the planets are in the West, as mentioned. So progress is slower. Retrogrades introduce all kinds of delays and glitches, but many planets in the West also slow you down. You can’t act too independently – you have to wait on decisions from others. This often takes time. A good lesson for Aries – learning patience.
With all the delays going on, you might as well enjoy your life, and you are still in the midst of a yearly personal pleasure peak – use it to the full. If there is something practical you can do to improve a situation, of course do it. But if not, enjoy your life and your day.
In spite of the slower pace of life, finances are excellent, you are prospering in spite of everything. Until the 22nd, you earn money in happy ways, perhaps while you are indulging in some leisure activity. Speculations are favourable. Personal creativity seems marketable. After the 22nd, as your financial planet moves into Virgo, you earn from your work. You see the financial results of your hard work. Many of you will have opportunities for travel this month. Best to schedule these things early in the month before Jupiter starts to retrograde on the 30th.
On the 23rd you enter a more serious work period. Good to achieve work-orientated goals – especially those pesky details such as accounting, keeping your files in order and things of that nature. They need to be done, but tend to be boring. This is a good period to do these things.
You also become more health-conscious during this period – a good thing. The preventatives and regimes you put into place now will help you next month, when health becomes more delicate again.
Until the 22nd, love is still about fun and games for singles. It is a period for love affairs. Serious love doesn’t seem on the cards right now. Love is about having fun, another form of entertainment. After the 22nd, as your love planet moves into Virgo, you will have to work harder to project love and warmth to others. You will also have to make special effort to avoid destructive forms of criticism. Venus in Virgo can be very ‘nit picky’ – this is sure to prompt similar responses from your partner. You don’t need to look for flaws in your relationship. If they are there they will come up very naturally and then you can deal with them.
Troubled relationships can be treated in two ways this month. Until the 22nd, fun – fun type activities – will smooth over many problems. Make special efforts to do fun kinds of things with your beloved. After the 22nd, serve your beloved. Do practical things for him or her. Working together as a team will also help.

Horoscope 2018

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