Horoscope Aries April 2021

Predictions Aries April 2021

Eighty to 90 per cent of the planets are moving forwards this month, and your own Sign of Aries is very powerful.
Another month of forward momentum, positive achievement and progress.
The retrograde of Pluto should make you more cautious about debt. Read the fine print on any credit or bank loan contracts. Shop around for better deals where possible. Some of you waiting for loan approvals might face delays. Getting rid of debt takes longer than usual – there are more obstructions than usual.
The retrograde of Mercury until the 20th counsels the avoidance of major mailings, sales efforts or important meetings. If you can avoid domestic travel, it would be best to reschedule for another time. Of course, if you absolutely must make a journey, then do, but allow more time for it. Allow more time for local travel as well, as the tendency is to traffic jams, road detours and other delays.
Excepting the above, this is a great month. Self-esteem and self-confidence are the strongest they’ve been in a year. You have great vitality and energy – enough for ten people. Tension with a parent or superior cannot dampen your spirits. Good career progress is made. You excel in sports or exercise programmes this month – each according to his or her level. The planetary power is almost totally concentrated in the East, showing great independence (more than your norm) and creative ability. Decisions are made instantly (especially after the 20th) and they tend to be good ones. You can have things your own way this month.
Your love and financial life is especially happy. Love becomes more idealistic and passionate after the 6th. The week of 20th to 26th April brings happy romantic (and financial) surprises. Singles meet someone ‘too good to be true’. Love blossoms. The unattached become attached. Those already in relationships are taking dream holidays and otherwise deepening the relationship. Singles find love at church, or while engaged in charitable, volunteer activities. It could happen at an ashram, prayer meeting or meditation session.

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