Horoscope Aries April 2019

Since the Sun went into your sign on March 20, life has been good. You are having your way. You are strong. (Whatever your age or stage in life, you have more energy than usual.) The physical appearance shines. The libido roars. You do the work of ten people and in half the time.
Love and financial opportunities are seeking you out. This has been the case since March 22 and will continue until the 15th of this month. No need to search far and wide for love – you can’t avoid it! There’s no need to indulge in all the stratagems that most people employ, you just need to show up. Just go about your daily routine. Love seems happy this month, and especially from the 5th to the 9th as Venus travels with Mars, your personal planet. For singles this shows an important love meeting. For the already attached it indicates a more romantic period with the beloved.
Health and energy are still very good. I would say they are at the maximum for the year ahead. So you have all the fire power to achieve whatever you want to achieve. Until the 14th enhance the health through foot massage. Spiritual techniques are very powerful during this period too. After the 14th you respond very well to scalp and face massage. Vigorous physical exercise (which you seem to be into anyway) also enhances the health. The main danger health-wise (as it was last month) is from accident or injury due to haste or impatience. When we rush we lose our awareness and thus become more vulnerable to these things.
The Sun is in Aries and the planetary momentum is overwhelmingly forward: 90 per cent of the planets are moving forward this month. Thus you are in the best starting energy of your year. This is another good period to launch those new products or projects into the world. I especially like the 10th to the 19th – the Sun and Mars are in Aries and the Moon is waxing.
On the 19th the Sun enters your money house and you begin a yearly financial peak. Mars will enter this house a day later on the 20th. So you are in a period of peak earnings. You are focused here and we tend to get what we focus on. Now is the time to build up the bank balance and investment portfolio. There is luck in speculations, but also other lucky breaks in your financial life as well.
Your spouse, partner or current love (and your social circle in general) is supportive of your financial goals. You manage to combine business and pleasure this period. You socialize with the people you do business with and do business with friends. After the 20th, your spouse, partner or current love’s finances also improve. There are still many changes going on but this period is a respite, a financial vacation.
There is a Lunar Eclipse on the 25th. Take things nice and easy during that period. Avoid speculations and be more patient with children and children figures in your life. Family members should also avoid risky kinds of activities.

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