Horoscope Aquarius September 2021

Predictions Aquarius September 2021

The social sector of your chart is still the most active this month, and with Uranus retrograde you are best advised to continue to keep a low profile. This is not the time for power struggles or going off on your own just yet. Your health is getting better day by day; by the 23rd you’ll be firing on all cylinders. Do take a reduced schedule from the 4th to the 7th, the period of this month’s Lunar Eclipse.
Since the Moon is your Work Planet, all Lunar Eclipses tend to affect your job, conditions at work and your attitudes towards your work. If your present job situation isn’t happy you will probably change it. Disharmonies will surface so that
corrections can be made. The Lunar Eclipse also signals change in health regimes, diets, health plans and doctors. But this Lunar Eclipse also occurs in your Money House. Thus it has financial implications for you as well. Flaws in a current deal or project or purchase come to the surface so that you can correct them. Investments take a short-term hit due to market fluctuations. And though you are being cautious in financial matters, the eclipse forces a proper decision. Straddling the fence or biding your time is no longer viable. If you have done your financial homework these past few months, your decision will be a good one. Often a sudden expense comes along that forces you to reevaluate your whole financial life and strategy. But this eclipse is not as disruptive as it could be. It makes harmonious aspects to you and the upheavals it produces seem benign. There is no financial lack in this month’s horoscope. Money seems easily available through your partner, your lover, family members, investors and credit facilities. Look for an increase in your line of credit this month. Money comes to you as you help others to prosper, cut costs, and eliminate waste.
Love is active but stormy this month. Passions, both positive and negative, are running high. A neighbour has his or her eye out for you. Your partner or lover is into money- making now and is prospering. Singles find romantic opportunities with neighbours and with financial types such as money managers, accountants, attorneys, bankers or brokers. There is a noble urge for purity in love, but destructive criticism won’t help you attain it. Discernment will help you more than criticism.

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