Horoscope Aquarius September 2020

The Moon waxes from the 1st to the 2nd and from the 17th to the 30th: good for starting new projects. The Moon wanes from the 3rd to the 17th: good for finishing up projects and tying up loose ends. The Moon of the 17th occurs in Virgo, your 8th Solar House. Important information comes that clarifies debt, insurance, partnership monies and your urges to self-transformation. The Moon of the 2nd occurs in Pisces, your 2nd Solar House, giving you extra energy to achieve financial goals.
This is one of the happiest months in a happy year. This is not to say that you won’t have a few challenges and obstacles to deal with – you will. But your overall optimism, enthusiasm and energy are more than enough to meet and overcome them. When we function at our peak – as you are this month – even obstacles seem friendly. We are undaunted. So much of life depends on energy and being in the right state of mind.
All year long you’ve been experiencing the bliss of a Grand Trine in Air. This has been almost a monthly occurrence. But these Grand Trines were of short duration – two days or so. This month we have a Grand Trine in your native element that lasts the whole month. Much of what we have written in earlier forecasts still applies – only more so. Your mental and communication faculties are at all-time highs. New and creative ideas come to you and you are able to express them to others. And, because people in general are more attuned to the intellect, even your old ideas are given greater weight.
This Grand Trine is not only good for health – many of you will feel as light as a feather, as if you were floating through the month, never touching the ground – but for self-esteem and self-confidence as well. (Many of you will have dreams of flying this month, and many of you will actually be flying to far off lands.) Finances, too, will soar, as Neptune, your Money Planet, is involved in this aspect. Earnings come easily and effortlessly. Your financial intuition is keen. Your financial judgement, though not at its highest, is still good as it receives outside help. As we have written in the past, writers, teachers, communicators, journalists, traders and PR people have a banner month.
Love is improving day by day. Venus in your 7th House bodes well for romance and enlarges your social sphere. You and your beloved are in synch. Singles or the unattached will meet people who are in harmony with them. Romantic experiences can happen in weird and strange ways this month – at a cemetery, or doctor’s surgery, at a group therapy or meditation session while you are negotiating or paying off a loan. Later in the month romantic opportunities come at school or university functions; at church functions – perhaps in foreign lands or with a foreigner.
Mars moving into Capricorn will show you that even a dream job has a price tag on it – hard work.

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