Horoscope Aquarius October 2021

Predictions Aquarius October 2021

October is one of your happiest months in a happy year, Aquarius. Uranus (your Ruler) moves forward after the 18th, signalling increased self-esteem, self-confidence and clarity as to your direction in life. Your personal desires and the image that you wish to project and create are in sharp focus. This is 90 per cent of the battle; the rest is mechanics.
Also, 80 per cent of the planets are moving forward and all the short-term planets are above the Horizon of your chart. While you cannot ignore the family and home situation, you should definitely push forward boldly with career plans. Much career progress will be made this month.
With many beneficent planets energizing your 9th House, this is a month of optimism, enjoyment and educational and philosophical expansion. Your mental as well personal horizons are expanding. More good is available to you. More options and choices reveal themselves. Stay open for the revelation of philosophical and spiritual truths now, as they deal directly with the ‘how’ of a thing or project that you wish to accomplish. Once you know how, attainment becomes only a matter of application.
Travel and educational opportunities open up and you will probably take them. Foreign lands and cultures allure you. Foreign people – of a cultured and refined type – are attractive romantically as well. Love blossoms in foreign lands.
Your health is excellent until the 23rd; after this rest and relax more. Family pressures ease up temporarily after the 25th. But don’t think these things are over. This is a respite, not a reprieve.
If you have grasped the knowledge that is being revealed early in the month, you will be in a great position to push your career and outward goals after the 23rd. If you haven’t grasped the knowledge you will still make career progress but you will attribute it to blind luck. Pay rises and promotions are likely after the 23rd. Increased professional status not only brings prestige but hard cash as well.

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