Horoscope Aquarius November 2021

Predictions Aquarius November 2021

Eighty per cent of the planets moving forward and two strong beneficent planets in your Career House bode well for your career this month. Much forward progress is manifesting. Your professional status is very much enhanced.
Neptune, your Money Planet, has been hovering between your own Sign of Aquarius and the Sign of Capricorn all year. This month it moves into your Sign for good. This is a wonderful financial signal for the long term. Always intuitive in money matters, now you are even more so. Your drive now is to earn money in harmonious ways, in ways which do not conflict with your ideals or your personal lifestyle. Neptune in your own Sign indicates that you can pretty much do what you like – the financial resources will be in place. You do not need to chase after wealth, wealth chases after you. As the years go by you will have an ever greater sense of financial freedom. You are creating strong images of wealth. When Neptune was in your 12th House (Capricorn) you hid your wealth and took a low profile with it. Now you flaunt it. You dress more expensively. Your personal lifestyle moves to a grander scale. People perceive you as a money person – a little eccentric, perhaps, but rich. When Neptune was in Capricorn you were more charitable and more idealistic about money. Now you tend to spend it on yourself and your own personal fulfilment.
Jupiter’s forward movement on the 13th occurs in your Money House. Thus many stalled deals and projects – purchases and investments – are now moving forwards again. Your financial judgement is exceptionally good. You are entering a whole new cycle of prosperity. Certainly there could be some financial conflicts with friends this month, or perhaps some sudden expense involving them, or even a neglect of finances after the 20th – but these are short-term phenomena that don’t affect the long-term prosperity trend.
With Uranus urging you to a free, unconventional and perhaps rebellious lifestyle, and with Neptune providing the resources for such a lifestyle, the next few years are going to be very interesting indeed.
The two retrogrades this month, Saturn and Mercury, don’t affect you overly much. Mercury’s retrograde affects creative projects and relations with children. Saturn’s retrograde affects spiritual studies and the dream life. Bide your time and don’t make snap decisions regarding these matters.

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