Horoscope Aquarius November 2019

Career is still the main headline this November. The instability and volatility are coming to a head now. A Solar Eclipse on the 3rd occurs in your career house. Something is about to blow – the rumblings of the past year now reach a climax. It is not just your personal career that is changing, but the company and industry as well. Try not to make matters worse. Whatever happens, you still have excellent job prospects this month and for the rest of the year ahead. Be more patient with bosses, parents and parent figures; dramas are happening in their lives. These people need to avoid risky kinds of activities this period.
Love, too, is being tested by this eclipse. This doesn’t necessarily mean a divorce or break up, and good relation­ships survive these things. However, flawed ones tend to dissolve (explode is more like it). The cosmos desires the best for you (and for the current love), so anything less than perfect tends to get exploded by the eclipse. This eclipse also impacts on Saturn, your spiritual planet. Thus there are changes in your spiritual attitudes and practice. The guru-mentor figures in your life have dramatic experiences and there are upheavals in a charity or spiritual organization you are involved with. Saturn gives us our sense of security and stability, thus during this period you feel less secure – your routine of life is disrupted. This will pass and you will form a better routine, but in the meantime it is uncomfortable.
You are still in a yearly career peak. Thus you are very focused here. In spite of all the challenges and crises, you are basically succeeding – but earning everything by the ‘sweat of the brow’.
Health became more delicate last month, and is still deli­cate until the 22nd. A reduced schedule is called for, espe­cially during the eclipse period. Enhance the health in the ways mentioned in the yearly report. You are going to be very busy, but schedule in rest periods where ever possible.
In spite of all the challenges, your finances are still excel­lent. Prosperity is untouched by all the turmoil. Your finan­cial planet will start moving forward on the 18th, which is another good sign. Mental clarity is happening. After the 18th it will be safer to set new financial plans into motion. There is some financial disagreement with the beloved from the 22nd to the 26th, but it passes quickly.
Love will improve after the 22nd. There is harmony with the beloved. Those not in a relationship will meet romantic partners – the 30th looks especially good for that. Make an effort to project more love and warmth to others from the 4th to the 7th. You could be appearing ‘cold’ without realiz­ing it. On the 22nd your love planet moves into the 11th house of friends, indicating love opportunities online through social networking sites or dating services. It also shows romantic opportunities that happen as you get involved with groups and organizations. Since October 23 you have been attracted by ‘power people’ – power was the great aphrodisiac for you. But from the 22nd onwards, you want friendship with the beloved – a friend not a boss.