Horoscope Aquarius November 2018

Continue to rest and relax more until the 23rd. When energy is low there are mystery aches and pains, and mysterious minor ailments that arise. There is greater vulnerability to germs and microbes. A strong aura repels these things. Watch how these things disappear after the 23rd.
Finances are starting to improve. (They were never really bad, but now we see improvement over the past month.) Neptune, your financial planet, will start to move forward on the 9th and will start to receive positive stimulation after the 23rd. Earnings are on the increase. Your financial judgement and confidence are stronger. Your financial decisions should be more savvy.
Sex, power, position and pragmatism still dominate in love until the 23rd. Your partner or current love seems above you and is calling the shots. You like this for a while, but after the 23rd you want a more equal kind of relationship.
Though there are challenges in love (a solar eclipse on the 25th creates some upheavals) you nevertheless seem successful – love is important, high on your agenda, and you are paying attention. This enables you to overcome all challenges.
The solar eclipse of November 25 occurs in your llth house. This not only tests love – a current relationship, marriage, business partnership – but also friendships. Be more patient with friends and your beloved during this period – they are apt to be more temperamental. There are dramas happening in their lives. There are shake-ups in groups or organizations you belong to. Basically this eclipse is benign to you, but it will shake up the world around you.
On the 23rd, as the Sun enters your llth house, you are in Aquarius heaven. The cosmos impels you to do the things that you most like to do: network, go deeper into science and technology, and get more involved with groups, organizations, astrology and astronomy. Many of your fondest hopes and wishes will come to pass now, but as soon as they do you will, no doubt, create new fondest hopes and wishes.
After the 26th Venus starts to travel with Pluto. This is a nice career period, both for you and for the family as a whole. The distinctions between home and office get blurred. You try to make your office more like a home, and your home more like an office. The idea here is to combine emotional comfort with outer success. Parents or parent figures have happy social experiences now. If they are still together, their marriage is close. If they are unattached, they meet romantic opportunities.
Last month the planetary power shifted from the West to the East. This is the condition for the rest of the year. You are in a more independent phase of your year. You can create conditions rather than have to adapt to them. Personal merit, personal ability, is more important than whom you know. You get things done through personal initiative rather than waiting on others.

Horoscope 2018

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